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2101W Assignment 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

2101W Assignment 2 - Essay Example The medieval age of the Germany was significantly influenced by two different principles, individualism and universalism (Leyser 30-256). The then economic reforms and political regimes had also played vital roles in the development of the modern German society. Notably, it was during the years 1046 to 1057 that Germany witnessed the rise of one after another revolutionary popes including Pope Clement II, Pope Dumasus II, Pope Leo IX, Pope Victor II and Pope Stephen IX (Jeep 500). During the medieval age of Germany, struggles became apparently identifiable between the then established German Empire and the reforming Catholic Churches who wished to strengthen their control on the political and economic structures of the nation. It was during in 1024 that Duke Conrad II, the first of the Salian dynasty was crowned as the king of the Germans. Historical testaments affirm that during the sovereignty of Conrad II’s son Henry III (1039 to 1056), the empire fully supported the Cluniac reforms, which continued from 910. Another vital change was observed in the political structure of Germany during this period, which had drastic effects on the economic growth of the nation in the later period of the 14th and the 15th centuries. Before 1056, i.e. before the reign of Henry IV, German churches, representing the papal authority was dominated by the emperors in the nation. However, with the advent of Cluniac reforms, monasteries were being reformed, where monastic h ouses were being transferred under the direct leadership of papacy from being placed under the feudal control. The conflict taking place between the Popes and German states further gave rise to the Investiture Controversy which lasted till 1122. This ultimately increased the complexities in the legal environment of Germany, which further augmented the discrepancies within trade relations of German empires and also with international market, as traders now had

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